Choosing an MGB Engine

We do not operate to hard and fast rules as to what 'stage' an engine is. We build engines ranging from slightly 'pepped up' to 'full blown' race engines, with many variations in between.
Rather than dictate an engine spec, we prefer to discuss the
customer's requirements and agree upon the most appropriate engine specification. All engines are supplied with double ported, hand lapped oil pumps . The engines are all balanced and supplied with a three piece clutch.

Engine Capacity

It is tempting to build all engines to 1950 cm3; however, the thinness of the bores tends to allow bore flex and lozenging which in turn tends to allow the engine to burn oil. This can be overcome to an extent with the use of Race Quality pistons, with thin, light piston rings. The cost, of around £700 per set is also a consideration. Which is fine for Race use.

For Road use we recommend +60 thou overbore to give a capacity of 1867 cm3. The increased bore size enhances midrange power, producing a crisp, sharp, free revving engine.

All our road MGB engines are fitted with liners, this increases bhp and reliability.
We only use billet, cross drilled camshafts.

Cylinder Head and Camshaft

If you are intending to use the car for Motorway/Highway cruising and the engine is unlikely to run past 4700-4900 rpm, an Econotune cylinder head and a standard camshaft combination will produce plenty of low rpm and mid rpm torque, making a smooth powerful unit that 'goes better' when you put your foot down uphill without having to change down a gear.

For a more spirited performance whilst still retaining perfect town manners, the Fast Road cylinder head and the Piper HR270 camshaft combination works well. Having a smooth power delivery from idle to around 5600rpm.

BHP will be increased from around 62 bhp at the wheels to 85/95 depending on spec.

Typical cost of an 1867cm3 engine with Fast Road head is £2800 plus vat to work on the customers own 5 bearing unit..

For very fast road use and track day fun we have developed the 1950 engine using JE race pistons and ARP rod bolts. Coupled with a Fast Road big valve cylinder head we are looking for around 120 bhp at the wheels with twin 1 3/4" SUs. We fit the engine with a Piper 285 cam and run the CR at 10.5:1. The engine has a baffled sump for track use.

Cost of the 1950 Track Day engine is £4300 plus vat to work on customers own 5 bearing unit.

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